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A Little Renewal, A Little Remembrance and Some Legislative Days Bring Industry Peers Together

Impending H-2B legislation. Pesticide regulation pressures. Growing water conservation worries.

Do you feel overwhelmed by one or more of these imperative lawn and landscape industry issues? Then step away from your business and attend NALP’s Renewal & Remembrance and Legislative Days on the Hill events July 14-17.

The event kicks off July 14 with a welcome reception to reconnect with industry peers or meet new acquaintances. You can network and discuss solutions for facing these potential business-limiting concerns.

Bring Industry Peers Together

The next morning (July 15), hundreds of lawn care and landscape companies and their teams will honor American heroes by beautifying the grounds at Arlington National Cemetery. It’s the largest service event in the industry. The mission is to lime acres of turf, renovate landscape areas and provide tree and irrigation services. Arlington is a national shrine and the final resting place for approximately 400,000 active duty service members, veterans and their families. More than 3,000 ceremonies and memorial services take place at the cemetery each year.

Bring Industry Peers Together

Then attend Legislative Days on the Hill July 16-17. Here you will learn more about the industry’s key issues impacting your bottom line. You can also team up with your peers to talk to legislators and become an advocate for industry issues.

The event always leaves people with something to talk about. Here’s what a few NALP members had to say about their experiences at Renewal & Remembrance and Legislative Days on the Hill.

Bring Industry Peers Together: My Proudest Moment in Business

“What is my proudest moment in business? I was the Tree Care Champion for the Arlington National Cemetery Renewal & Remembrance Day of Service. I coordinated all of the tree care efforts for nine years. That volunteer opportunity is one that I took a lot of pride in. The work we did really meant something.” — Joshua Malik, Joshua Tree, Stockertown, Pennsylvania

Bring Industry Peers Together: I’ve Been to Every One

“I feel that anyone can be a landscaper or a lawn care provider but when you have a national association standing behind you, it tells me you’re a step up from the regular Joe. It steps up your game. We’ve been involved in the Renewal & Remembrance event every year since its inception. In fact, last year, I was recognized for being at every event. That meant a lot.” –Michael Kravitsky IV, CTP-CSL, owner and president of Grasshopper Lawns Inc., Larksville, Pennsylvania

Bring Industry Peers Together: Our Efforts Made an Impact

“Legislative Day on the Hill was a very rewarding experience. It was great to participate in the political process and advocate for the industry. I really enjoyed meeting my elected officials and showing them the pride we take in being a landscape professional. I know our efforts made an impact!” –Paul Fraynd, Sun Valley Landscaping , Omaha, Nebraska

Bring Industry Peers Together: One of the Best Feelings I Have All Year

“I have been coming to Renewal and Remembrance for nine years now and this is one of the special events I look forward to doing each year. Giving back and doing projects at Arlington is one of the best feelings I have all year.” –Mike Dauer, Real Green Systems, Walled Lake, Michigan

Bring Industry Peers Together: We All Serve

“It’s a privilege and it’s an honor. We all serve in one way or another. Sometimes we serve wearing an army uniform and sometimes we serve wearing a school teacher’s uniform. Today, we serve wearing the uniform of a landscaper.” –John Janes, Caterpillar

Editor’s Note: Click the links for more information about Renewal & Remembrance and Legislative Days on the Hill.

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