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7 Things to Be Thankful For as a Small Landscape Business Owner

Running a landscape business can keep you pretty busy. There are millions of things to keep track of … time can easily slip right by. Before you know it, you forget what really matters. Thanksgiving is a time to remember those things that you’re most thankful for. After all, there are so many things that make being a landscape business owner really great.

#1: Thankful for Customers

When you have loyal customers, you know you’re doing something right. According to NALP research, 81% of member companies say they keep 81% to 100% of their customers each year.

Customers are the result of you conducting solid business. And, in turn, they contribute to keeping your small landscape business thriving.

#2: Thankful for Being Your Own Boss

When you are the business owner, you are the boss of yourself and your destination. You also lead the way for your team members. You set your business plan, culture and standards. There are amazing results that come from that freedom to lead.

#3: Thankful for Your Team

Where would you be without your team members who help make your business shine? These are the front-line people who you chose to represent your brand. You are investing in their futures just as they are helping to grow your business.

#4: Thankful for Your Local Community

Small businesses give back to the community they serve by being a part of daily life and contributing to building something larger than themselves. The people you hire and the profits you make go back into growing your community.

Many landscape professionals also give back to their communities by contributing services to needy causes or freshening up the landscapes of local community hotspots.

#5: Thankful for Freedom & Flexibility


Sick children at home? Workout in the morning? Lunch break or round of golf with an old friend? Running a small business gives you the freedom and flexibility to be in charge of your own time. You create your own schedule and are able to be where and when you’re needed most each day.

#6: Thankful for Risks & Rewards

Opening a landscape business — or any business — can be risky. But with those risks come valuable rewards. Not only is profit a reward but also being your own boss, interacting with your customers, leading your employees, and contributing to your community can all be very satisfying.

#7: Thankful to Do What You Love

Most landscape professionals love working outdoors and beautifying local environments on residential and commercial properties — it’s what lead them into this field. You can be thankful for being able to pursue that passion every day by doing what you love the most: being outside and running your landscape business.


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