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NALP-PAC Board of Directors Announced

The National Association of Landscape Professionals Political Action Committee (NALP-PAC) has announced its Board who will serve as ambassadors for the PAC and help to better educate industry professionals about the importance of effective advocacy and the role that a PAC serves. In addition, the Board will help set fundraising strategy, identify candidates, committees and issues for the PAC to support, and approve of dispersals of NALP-PAC funds.

NALP-PAC is a critically important advocacy tool because it allows landscape professionals to speak in a unified voice. Decisions that affect our lives, businesses, and communities are a daily occurrence on Capitol Hill. The NALP-PAC helps to provide a cohesive and unified message of who our members are and what we represent and helps us speak in a singular voice on vital public policy matters. The NALP-PAC allows us to represent all NALP members to federal lawmakers through a well-organized, well-informed, and united front.

The NALP-PAC Board includes:

  • Chair                                                  Jim Cali, McFarlin Stanford
  • Vice Chair                                         Jeff Fedorchak, TruGreen
  • Secretary/Treasurer                       Paul Mendelsohn, NALP
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer     Paul McDonough, Landscape Industry Certified,                                                                       KOCH Agronomic Services
  • Director                                             Warren Gorowitz , Ewing Irrigation
  • Director                                             Chris Psencik, McFarlin Stanford
  • Director                                             Norman Goldenberg, Landscape Industry Certified,                                                                  NAMRON Consulting
  • Director                                              Paul Fraynd, Landscape Industry Certified,                                                                                Sun Valley Landscaping
  • Director                                              Matt Bagshaw, E. A. Quinn Landscape Contracting


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