ALCA Awards Legacy Continues

I love history and I love old photos, so coming across a scrapbook from the association’s past was really fun! ALCA, which merged with PLCAA to eventually become the National Association of Landscape Professionals, was the group that originated our national awards program.

There was a spouses’ program for the wives of the members, called the “Grass Widows.” From the looks of it, they had a blast.  They took tours, held teas and luncheons, even had group exercises classes and ran their own Board of Directors for the group. Continue reading

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Trumps Signs Fiscal Measure that Provides H-2B Cap Relief

Limited H-2B regulatory relief is part of the bill that President Trump signed into law authorizing federal government funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2017. Inclusion of the cap relief language is a significant legislative victory, and was the direct result of grassroots outreach by NALP members and other seasonal employers. Continue reading

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House Passes Bill to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare


The U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (217-213) on strictly partisan lines, with 20 Republicans voting against the bill. The bill will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as “ObamaCare”. Continue reading

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Congress Includes H-2B Relief in Budget Bill

Late Sunday, April 30, Congress released a bipartisan budget bill to provide for government funding through the end of fiscal 2017. Thanks to a massive effort from NALP members and other seasonal business owners, the bipartisan agreement contains limited H-2B cap relief.  Through social media, meetings on the Hill and back in the district, and hundreds of emails our collective voices were heard on Capitol Hill. Continue reading

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Business Coach, Mentor, or Consultant?

Author Lisa Perdue, is a manager of professional development for LandOpt which is an NALP consultant member. 

Coaches Aren’t Just for Athletes

Not sure what a business coach is? Many professional athletes will readily claim the keys to their success are diligence, determination, drive, and a dedicated coach. While it’s true coaching has traditionally been associated with sports, it has evolved in recent decades to have entrepreneurial connotations. The term business coach is becoming as commonplace these days as smartphone and selfie, and with good reason. Small business owners are increasingly discovering the innumerable benefits of a targeted coaching approach in helping them to translate their visions and goals for their businesses into reality. Like the professional athlete, the small business owner may have the diligence, determination, and drive to kick start a business venture but may lack the accountability and time necessary to consistently lead it to significant wins. The dedicated involvement of – and collaboration with – the business coach can make all the difference. Continue reading

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Critical Timing for the H-2B Day on the Hill

The National Association of Landscape Professionals, the H-2B Coalition and more than 100 landscape professionals and colleagues from allied industries joined together on the Hill on April 26, at a crucial time in the battle for H-2B reform.  John McMahon, the Executive Director of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, is pictured here with a group of landscape professionals as they headed out for meetings with their legislators.

More than 100 meetings were scheduled with legislators and their staffers from 19 states. This visit is timed to educate and help convince legislators to include a Returning Worker Exemption in the Budget before April 28, when they need to submit a new budget to avoid a government shut down. Continue reading

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Blazing a Two-Way Trail

Both Tom Heaviland and Michael Kravitsky, IV have been NALP Trailblazers for 15 years or more. During that time, they’ve collectively mentored at least 25 people, owners of large and small companies alike who represent nearly every segment of the lawn and landscape industry.  The two trailblazers share many of the same thoughts, not the least of which is being a mentor is “give and take.” Without expecting it or even trying, they’ve always gained something from the experience, may it be a friend for life or a kernel of knowledge that has helped their businesses grow.

Heaviland, owner of Heaviland Landscape Management in Vista, CA, was an early mentee in the program. “The company was much bigger than mine and had developed processes and other systems that would later help me grow,” he recalled.

What he remembers most about the experience was how his mentor openly shared company financials.  “’What’s ours is yours,’ he said, and I’ve tried to be equally as open with my mentees. Being a peer mentor, or Trailblazer, gives me an opportunity to help someone else by sharing my industry experience with them.” Continue reading

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Both Chambers of Congress Introduce H-2B Reform Bills


Two bills that would temporarily reinstate the H-2B visa temporary worker program have been introduced recently in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

The legislation would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow for more workers to enter the U.S. The Senate bill would “establish an H-2B temporary non-agricultural work visa program,” while the House measure states it would “reinstate the returning workers’ exemption for H-2B visas.” Continue reading

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Help Control Workers’ Compensation Costs

Author, Drew Garcia, with Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, is the program director for NALP’s Workers’ Compensation Program which provides discounts to NALP members. 

As the NALP Workers Compensation Program Manager we understand the need for “Best Practices” to be utilized by landscape contractors to prevent workers’ compensation claims from occurring. However, at some point, a claim will occur and at that moment there are steps to be taken that both control the costs of the claim and look for preventive measures to reduce or eliminate a similar claim from reoccurring. Continue reading

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On the Road at the NALP Sales Boot Camp

NALP vice president of education and services Shaine Anderson was on the road last week at the NALP Sales Bootcamp with Marty Grunder which was held at the Bartlett Tree Experts research laboratory in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We can’t give away all the secrets Marty shared, but here are a few tips that Shaine took away. Continue reading

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